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Facebook Like Size: Pack of 5Verified Purchase Only a few dentists in the country still make home visits, particularly to elderly people who need dentures but can’t get them due to a lack of transporation or health related issues.
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Email: “Custom Dentures” offers a variety of dentures to meet your needs, including full, partial, and immediate dentures. We use high quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure a unique and custom  fit.  We offer everything you need to bring your confident smile back!
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David’s Review: I have bad teeth, what can I say? Over the past few years I have had several teeth removed. Cost is getting more and more expensive with teeth. Not to long ago a root-canal with crown cost around $300-$500. Now it’s around $1300. The cheapest way to get out pain was to have it pulled. Next thing you know-you have only 5 teeth left on the upper part of your mouth. The last one pulled cost $500 with a fake tooth that you couldn’t eat with. The Dentist have what’s called an “Implant” replacing that tooth with a fake one that’s held in your mouth with a screw, at around $1500 per tooth. sometimes more and sometimes a little less. A full set of choppers can cost over 20k. You have to do the math on your mouth and see what the cost will add up over say the next few years on dental work. My teeth were on the way out and I decided to have the rest of my upper teeth removed and get some upper dentures. I got all sort of prices from Dentist on dentures from $1500 to $2500 for the screw in dentures, and was just for the upper part of my mouth. As I did my Yelp search on Dentures, I saw Affordable Dentures and I liked what I saw,so I went to the website and I could get a full set for around $500. There are some cost added to that like X-Ray’s and extractions are extra but not over priced and If I went the cheapest way, It would have cost me under $1000 for a full set. I didn’t do the cheapest but I save thousands. I printed out some coupons from there web site and saved 10% on the total bill. Dr. Chang not only knows her stuff but is extremely kind and understands the money is a huge part of peoples concern about dentures. There are several plans and teeth and I found no hidden cost. Everything is explained in the first 30 minutes, (Price-procedure and what to expect.) Extractions cost $80 per tooth, The extractions were painless at the time, only a few hours later is when I had to hit the pills. I received what’s called “Healing Dentures” right after the teeth were pulled, I will use them for the next year as my gums and mouth heals then I will get another set that should last me several years or longer. Both sets are in the packet I chose so I don’t have to pay anymore unless I upgrade. Dr Chang spent around 4 hours working on my mouth. Making sure I was in no pain. I was treated with care and compaction like I was a member of her family. Good customer service is when the office or company call’s you the next day to find out if you have any problems or questions on what ever you had purchased or procedure you had done. This is generally done by someone in the office. I received a call from Dr.Chang herself! I have never had a Doctor call me on a follow up call and it was 3 hours after I left, around the time that the nova-cane was wearing off. She wanted to know if I had gotten my pills and If I was taking them, and If I had any questions, I could call her anytime. That just doesn’t happen, The Doctor calling me. I feel that’s above good customer service. 5 Star + 5 more in my book. Affordable Dentures is a must check out if you are thinking of getting dentures for the first time or you just need a new set. Send me a note if you have any questions.
Broken Arrow At Florida Dental Centers in Clearwater, Florida, we generally recommend denture relining every one to two years to ensure proper fit and ongoing comfort. Additionally, dentures can become damaged or ill-fitting and require relining more often for a number of reasons. For instance:
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When it comes to your smile, experience counts. New York dentures dentists Dr.’s Pasch, Yam, and Shirzadnia and their dedicated team offer a wide range of choices. If you’re missing one or more teeth, our mission is to give you treatment options to restore your healthy smile. Custom dentures, Same Day Dentures, implant supported dentures, single tooth implants and crowns are great dental care options for our cosmetic dentistry patients.
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Tooth Sensitivity Payment Plans Schedule an Appointment Online Emergency dentists who offer same-day denture repair will have a dental laboratory and skilled technician either on-site, or at a nearby facility. Dental labs use special acrylics, denture adhesives, and professional-grade teeth to make repairs you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. Dental lab technicians are trained to re-model dentures and make custom impressions when necessary. That’s how they are able to deliver same-day denture repair services.
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I have used this recline kit by Perma liner for 10+ years. My dentist first put it in my top teeth because I would break out from the denture material. I had my dentures relined and it cost $90. Each time and it just got worse each time. I had thrush mouth all the time. I finally found a dentist that put the soft liner in my upper denture and no more problems. One one the nurses told me I could buy it online and do it myself to save money. I have been using it every since. I lost my top teeth do to steroid shots in my back after I broke it in 7 places. The steroids ruined my teeth. I had no choice on the top dentures so I had to find a way to wear them. These kits are much cheaper now but the liquid is stored in plastic bottles now so shelf life is short. It use to be glass bottles. This is the only brand that last for months. I wish there was a way to store extra kits but with the plastic bottles they don’t keep long. My mother in law and my father uses these kits now. They work.Read full review…
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